Brian Palmer


5632 42nd Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98136
(206) 427-7077


Full Time Software Engineer position. Ideally something that can leverage both my experience in backend server architecture and my passion for improved human computer interaction.

Summary of Qualifications

Software Engineer with a diverse background including embedded software, usability studies, rapid prototyping, and highly available web services. Proven ability with 14 years of experience. Work well in interdisciplinary teams. Passionate about User Experience. Strengths include:
  • Problem Solving
  • User Advocacy
  • Written Communication
  • Web Services
  • Teamwork
  • Scaling

Technical Skills

Programming Languages/APIs

  • Java
  • C/C++
  • SQL/Jet/Mybatis/nosql
  • C#/.NET
  • Spring Framework
  • HTML
  • Win32API/MFC/GDI
  • Perl
  • Visual Basic/VBScript

Operating Systems

  • MS Windows
  • Unix (Linux, BSD, Solaris, Dynix)


  • Eclipse (Kepler)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio (5-8, 2010)
  • Microsoft Embedded Visual C++ (4.2)
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access)
  • Perforce, GIT/SourceTree, Subversion
  • XPlanner, Portascrum, Jira

Work Experience

Live Nation Entertainment

Seattle, WA 2012-2014
Leader in live event promotion, management, and ticket sales.

Senior Software Engineer

Designed and developed the order workflow engine of the next generation Ticketmaster, replacing a monolithic legacy system with a Service Oriented Architecture.
  • Developed the new Wallet application for storing non-PCI payment information.
  • Designed and developed the payment processing proxy that ties together all information needed to execute payments.
  • Designed and fully owned the fraud sub-system, which leveraged the most advanced features of the workflow engine.
  • Developed key elements of the Resale ticket platform.

Seattle, WA 2006-2012
World's largest online store. Leader in e-commerce and digital content distribution.

Software development Engineer 2

Designed, developed, and debugged software for 3 different teams within the Global Payments Systems department. Coordinated with multiple teams on multiple continents.
  • Dev lead for the front-end half of the Octopus "charge at checkout" project, which greatly expanded the payments capabilities of Amazon. This was a requirement for a new international expansion, but also enables improved security and customer experience for existing markets such as China and France, and opens doors for improved experience utilizing external payment websites.
  • Migrated major payment related functionality from a legacy C++ monolithic Ordering binary to a collection of Java services that enable agile development with reduced cross-team interdependence. Specifically owned the Payments Evaluate and Payments Contract-Sign plugins, which calculate and encumber Gift Certificate and external payment website funds at checkout.
  • Migrated major functionality from a legacy C++ monolithic Payments binary to a collection of Java services that enable agile development with faster payment processor integration. Protocols included ISO 8583, Edifact, and various proprietary protocols.
  • Dev lead on integration projects of said legacy C++ monolithic payment system with new payment processor partners to launch new products and web stores. Protocols included ISO 8583, Edifact, and various proprietary protocols.

AOL (Tegic Communications)

Seattle, WA 2000-2005
Tegic Communication is a leader in mobile messaging. Their flagship product, T9 predictive text input, is an enabling technology that improves text entry on limited keypad devices (mobile phones).

Software Engineer

Created Windows prototypes of cell phone text input software for the Usability/User Interface design team. Proved feasibility of new ideas and technologies.
  • Drafted first prototype of Chinese Phrasal Text entry, reducing risk from 20 engineer months (4 man team, 5 months) down to 1 engineer month for the proof of concept and initial usability study. Used Visual Basic and MS Access.
  • Opened up South Asian markets by developing and implementing methods for Thai text rendering. Developed in C++, documented methodology to enable porting the techniques to multiple languages (Vietnamese and Hindi).
  • Created Proof-of-Concept prototypes for 2 patent ideas, and wrote Patent Applications for both of them. See Patents section below. Built one prototype with Java, built the other prototype with C++ and DirectInput (part of DirectX).
  • Opened up Middle East markets by enabling Hebrew and Arabic support by implementing Bidi (Bi-Directional) text output using the Unicode BIDI algorithm. Coded in C and C++
  • Led technical development of "Big Phone" 6 foot tall interactive phone mock-up. Developed software (in C++) and coordinated efforts of 2 subcontracting firms for hardware development.



Seattle, WA 2013-Present
Coach: Junior First Lego League (K-2 pre-engineering)
  • Introduce elementary school children to basic engineering concepts
  • Help them learn and practice teamwork and cooperation
  • Guide them through presenting motorized Lego model and poster at regional expo


Purdue University

West Lafayette, IN Graduated 2000
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • Minor in psychology
  • Focus on Human / Computer Interaction (HCI)
  • Worked full time to put myself through school


  • Patent granted for Chinese Handwriting Recognition system.
  • Patent Pending for Joystick Text Input system.